"Strategy Is Your Words" by Mark Pollard - front cover

"Strategy Is Your Words" by Mark Pollard (now available everywhere)

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A 400-page lesson in verbal disobedience that will help you blow minds, starting with your own

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Welcome to Sweathead

This website is the next step–albeit a baby step–in helping people who think for a living live. Here, you can access your Sweathead membership and strategy classes, buy a strategy book, as well as find links to the Sweathead podcast (iTunes).

The book "Strategy Is Your Words" is now shipping worldwide. It's $50 within the USA and $70 outside of the USA including shipping and handling. 

** The first print run has nearly sold out as of 26 January, 2021. We'll offer preordering for the next batch but they won't be ready to ship until mid-April at this stage.

We have already shipped several hundred copies internationally with success and, sometimes, a lot of patience as USPS and DHL ship during a pandemic. 

Currently, the book is only available as a hardcover. Spanish and Portuguese versions of the book are nearly finished and should be available around May/June 2021.

Sweathead Podcast Episodes

The Power Of Provocative Thinking - Hugh Munro, Head of Planning

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Research–But Not As You Know It - Ashley Lapin, Kaitlin Moon

How do you do research worth doing?

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Is It Me Or Is This Company Toxic? - Emma Siu, Thiago Bersou

What do you do when where you work is hurting you?

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Sweathead Membership

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Our monthly membership features 100 classes on strategy that will help you understand critical concepts, practical techniques, and it will help you improve how you work with other people. 

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