Strategy is Your Words - Holiday Special

Strategy is Your Words - Holiday Special

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After a successful Kickstarter campaign, "Strategy Is Your Words" by Mark Pollard (@markpollard) is now available. It's a 400-page journey into the words that help and hurt strategists.

The first half of the book delves into the strategist's mind. It tackles concepts like impostor syndrome, confusion, and feeling like a lone wolf.

The second half builds around The Four Points, a simple framework to help strategists–or account planners–arrive at their next creative brief. It tackles concepts like ideas, insights, problems, and what makes words work.

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The book "Strategy Is Your Words" is now shipping worldwide as of Thursday 17 September, 2020. It's $50 within the USA and $70 outside of the USA including shipping and handling. We have already shipped several hundred copies internationally with success (these were ordered via last year's successful Kickstarter campaign). International orders ship with DHL. Currently, the book is only available as a hardcover. Spanish and Portuguese versions of the book are in the making.

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"Strategy Is Your Words" by Mark Pollard - front cover

"Strategy Is Your Words" by Mark Pollard (now available everywhere)

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A 400-page lesson in verbal disobedience that will help you blow minds, starting with your own

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