All Your Socials Look The Same - Adam Pierno, CSO

By Dot Jarantilla

All Your Socials Look The Same - Adam Pierno, CSO

CSO Adam Pierno thinks you think too much, not too well. This was Hamlet's problem. Adam also thinks all your social media looks the same. Hamlet would have killed at social media.

Straight out of Phoenix, Arizona, where Adam CSO's for Santy, podcasts 'The Strategy Inside Everything', and recently released his book 'Under Think It'.

We discuss:

  • Agency culture in NYC, Boston, Atlanta, and Arizona
  • How everything looks like Pinterest on Pinterest
  • A framework for thinking about making unique social media
  • Dealing with depression

Listen to this episode here:

You can find Adam here @apierno and his book on Amazon: 'Under Think It'

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