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Applying Strategy To Life - Heather LeFevre, Strategist & Author

Applying Strategy To Life - Heather LeFevre, Strategist & Author

Heather Lefevre has done a lot for strategy people.

With The Strategist Survey, she helped strategists understand their salaries. With her book "Brain Surfing", she takes strategists around the world with her to meet and experience other strategy minds. But she's also done a lot for herself by applying her strategy sensibilities to her own life.

We discuss:

  • Writing a brief to find love
  • Divorce and decision-making
  • The Strategist Survey and strategist salaries
  • Brief and brand as algorithm for decision-making
  • Doing karaoke to gain confidence as a presenter
  • Sensitivity
  • Meaningful living
  • Linking and ranking cultures
  • Performance evaluations and feedback WTF?
  • Reflecting and listening to yourself

You can find Heather at

Listen to this episode here:

You can find Heather here @hklefevre

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