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Can You Plan Happiness? - Mo Seetubtim, The Happiness Planner

Can You Plan Happiness? - Mo Seetubtim, The Happiness Planner

How much is happiness a leap of faith? And, like entrepreneurship, does the leap ever end?

Meet Mo Seetubtim. Mo runs The Happiness Planner while running around the world to cities such as Bangkok, London, San Francisco, and New York. She once worked in a media agency in Australia but left and created her own company. And a new way of living.

We discuss:

  • Happiness in different parts of the world
  • Moving countries to understand who you are
  • Living a free life
  • Relationships - what's a happy relationship?
  • Jumping from a full-time job into starting a company
  • Running an online business
  • The power of writing

Listen to this episode here:

You can find Mo here @happinessplanner and here The Happiness Planner

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