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Getting Beyond Stereotypes - Dave McCaughan, CSO

Getting Beyond Stereotypes - Dave McCaughan, CSO

Dave McCaughan was a public librarian for 10 years then worked 27 years for McCann in Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan.

This makes him one of Australia's earliest planners. He is still based in Asia - Bangkok, Thailand, and he hosts a podcast about market research called MR Realities. He talks, he advises, and he is definitely open to you asking him about planning.

We discuss:

  • The Australian Planner
  • The white Australian male
  • Stereotypes
  • useful or not useful?
  • How do you know when you’ve gone beyond a stereotype?
  • Current and interesting market research and survey techniques
  • Marshall McLuhan and Umberto Ecco

You can find Dave here https://twitter.com/bibliosexuality

Listen to this episode here:

You can find Dave here @bibliosexuality

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