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Has Art Direction Lost Direction? - Cathy Heng, Creative Director

Has Art Direction Lost Direction? - Cathy Heng, Creative Director

Art direction is a beautiful thing - to reach for an idea that says one thing clearly and clearer than the other visual ideas it competes with and to do so in a way that makes unique sense for a brand.

But does art direction still exist? Or, does it exist like it could? With the rise of social media, rapid turnarounds, cheap stock image options, mood boards and social media calendars, multivariate testing, and a whole chunk of the industry just banging out work to stay alive, are we doing a good enough job with the ideas people see?

Meet Cathy Heng, an art director recognized by D&AD, Cannes, the British Arrows, and the IPA Effectiveness Awards. She even featured in Campaign’s ‘Top 100’ Hall of Fame for her work on BMW.

We discuss

  • what art direction is,
  • how it happens,
  • good examples,
  • and how to do it better. 

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You can find Cathy here

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