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How To Create A Good Culture For Account Planning - Matt Tanter, CSO

How To Create A Good Culture For Account Planning - Matt Tanter, CSO

Matt Tanter is the Chief Strategy Officer at Grey London and the Chair of the Account Planning Group (APG).

As far as planning credentials go, CSO + Grey + London + Chair of APG = legit. He's a leader who's interested in culture over process and I thought I'd talk to him about this focus to help companies trying to bring in planning understand that you can't just drop in a planner and have planning. Planning happens within an operating system - a city, an agency type, an agency, the philosophy of the agency, the processes of the agency, and the attitudes of managers.

We discuss:

  • Establishing a good culture of planning
  • The pressures on planners right now
  • Managing up
  • Mental health in planning
  • The APG and its creative planning awards

Shoutouts to all the lone planners or people trying to establish planning where it has never existed.

Listen to this episode here:

You can find Matt here @matttanter and the APG here

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