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How To Listen To Yourself - Heidi Hackemer

How To Listen To Yourself - Heidi Hackemer

Heidi Hackemer. Many of you have heard of her, met her, watched her speak, or read her. Many of you will have seen her article "I've cried on a few runs lately" in which she documents losing her job at the Chan Zuckerburg Institute, family health problems, closing the agency she co-founded, edging towards 40 years of age... and now what?

We spoke on the day Heidi was due to get an impressive tattoo so I wanted to publish this close to the conversation. It's raw, intimate, candid. Everyone is working things out.

We discuss:

  • Creating space for yourself to speak to yourself
  • Working in advertising but not really being into buy stuff
  • Recovering from personal and career wipeout

Listen to this episode here:

You can find Heidi here @uberblond and here https://medium.com/@uberblond

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