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Is It Me Or Is This Company Toxic? - Emma Siu, Thiago Bersou

Is It Me Or Is This Company Toxic? - Emma Siu, Thiago Bersou

What do you do when where you work is hurting you?

This episode was a livestream within the Sweathead Facebook group.

We discuss working at toxic companies.
- Is it you?
- Is it the company?
- What can you do about it?

Our guests:
1. Emma Siu is a seasoned scientist who is currently working in the gaming industry as an award-winning community manager. She's an Australian based in Seattle. 

2. Thiago Bersou is a Brand Strategy Consultant in Los Angeles. He has 15 years of brand work under his belt with brands like Nike, Diageo, and Unilever. He also used to have his own agency in '06. 

Listen to this episode here:

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