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Live Action Strategy - Dos Toros, Mexican Food - Julian Cole, Davis Ballard

Live Action Strategy - Dos Toros, Mexican Food - Julian Cole, Davis Ballard

Dos Toros is a Mexican food joint.

They are lunch-sponsoring the first occurrence of The Strategy Super Sizer Megaclass in New York. So we thought we'd throw around some ideas like the last episode Julian and I did together.

Can we think out loud and messy and try - just try - to find a thread from problem to comms idea and tactics in less than an hour and then draw it up? Will any of it make sense?

This time, we brought in Davis Ballard who provided research support (Thanks, Davis!). This is hypothetical thinking. And it's an unedited pod.

If you think you can beat it, beat it!

Julian and I will do a Live Action Strategy sesh live in our Megaclasses (NYC, Chicago, LA).


Listen to this episode here:

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  • Julian's newsletter Planning Dirty (not Dirty Planning or Planking Dirty) and his Tweets here: @juliancole
  • Davis Ballard -  @mrdavisballard

You can find the decks and the class here:

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