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Strategists, Where Are Your Spines? - Murray Calder, Strategy Lead

Strategists, Where Are Your Spines? - Murray Calder, Strategy Lead

How would you feel the day you found out you had cancer?

How would you feel the afternoon after your first chemotherapy session?

How would you feel the sleep before spinal surgery?

Would you seek out and do more strategy work or less?

Would you know how to speak about any of this with your family and friends?

What would you say?

Murray Calder is strategy director at Mediacom in Edinburgh. He also spent a couple years as chairman of the IPA, Scotland. Hearing quietly about what he was going through, I decided to hassle him for some volume. YO, MURRAY! WHAT'S ALL OF THIS LIKE?

We discuss:

  • What it felt like to get his cancer diagnosis 
  • What he's learned from his illness
  • What makes good strategy - and we use his spine as a metaphor

Thanks for the brave chat, Murray. To any of you going through similar things, we're here.

Listen to this episode here:

You can find Murray here @ScotStratGuy

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