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Sweathead Podcast Episodes

How Side Projects Help You (Especially When Snoop Dogg Is Your First Customer) - Jesse Nicely, Strategist and Entrepreneur
Side projects don't have to be side hustles - but what's the point of them?
Missing People - Advertising Needs More People From Reality - Gavin Barrett, Derek Walker
Black, indigenous, and racialized minorities are barely visible in the advertising industries in North America. How does this feel and what needs to change?
Strategists, Can You Bake In Your Value Or Do You Constantly Have To Prove It? - Ilana Bryant
Ever been hired to a strategy or account planning job only to arrive in the company and they don't know what it is, they aren't sure they want it, and they make you justify your existence every day?
When The Strategist Decides To Make A Product - George Crichlow, Product Maker
What does the journey from doing strategy for other people's brands to making your own product look like?

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