The Independent Agency Mindset - John Harris, CEO

By Dot Jarantilla

The Independent Agency Mindset - John Harris, CEO

John Harris is CEO and President of Worldwide Partners.

Worldwide Partners is a network of 72 independent agencies in 40 countries. It has existed since 1938. One thing that makes Worldwide Partners interesting is that the agencies own the network - the network doesn’t own the agencies. 

John helps make it work and, insodoing, he has great insight into the minds, needs, and trends of the independent agency.

We discuss:

  • CEO and President
  • What exactly are these roles?
  • How an independent network works
  • The psychology of people who run independent agencies
  • Why people set up agencies
  • Trends with new independent agencies

Listen to this episode here:

You can find John here @netharris and Worldwide Partners here

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