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The Urge To Make - Ani Acopian, Conceptual Artist

The Urge To Make - Ani Acopian, Conceptual Artist

Ani Acopian makes. She makes ideas that use all their might to capture the attention of the Internet.

In this episode we discuss:

  • From Amazon Dating (a website where you can shop for a date),
  • Scrubhub (Pornhub but for cleaning your hands),
  • an 18-hole mini golf course that can fit in a tiny backyard,
  • and some sweet video direction for companies like AWAL.

In my plea to strategists to make - and not just think, I wanted to talk with Ani about what gets her mind going.

Listen to this episode here:

You can find Ani here @aniacopian


We recorded this as a livestream on 13 May, 2020. There was a little lag which is why, every now and then, we speak over each other. But it’s still worth a listen.

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