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This Business Is Personal - Sudeep Gohil, Strategy Head

This Business Is Personal - Sudeep Gohil, Strategy Head

Sudeep Gohil has worked in Sydney, London, Portland, LA, Mumbai, and Tokyo. He's run a Droga5 office, led strategy at Wieden and Kennedy, helped 72andsunny develop plans for Asia, and now runs brand strategy at KPMG.

We discuss:

  • How moving around helps you connect more dots
  • Working in a growing market like India
  • Taking a break from agencies
  • The move from strategist to CEO
  • How it feels when your agency closes
  • Taking business personally
  • Building the case for planning - with insight into W+K

Listen to this episode here:

You can find Sudeep here @sudeepgohil

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