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You Have To Be Part Of Something - Tina Yip, STRTGST

You Have To Be Part Of Something - Tina Yip, STRTGST

The strategy life is full of lonely strolls through the garden of the mind, blank timesheets, and career paths.

Sometimes, there are allies. Sometimes, there aren't. Sometimes, you don't even know.

Do strategy in a massive city like New York and the sense of isolation can multiply by the number of people in the city in some bizarre and ironic act of revenge. With her crew at STRTGST, Tina organizes events for strategists, and helps them find a supportive room of allies.

We discuss:

  • Embracing your otherness
  • What Tina learned at each of the 8 events STRTGST ran in 2018
  • The power of side projects

Listen to this episode here:

You can find Tina here @tina_yip and here STRTGST

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