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Your Voice Is In My Hands - Chapin Clark, @RGA

Your Voice Is In My Hands - Chapin Clark, @RGA

ECD Chapin Clark works at R/GA in New York.

He has done so for a very long time, so long R/GA put its voice in his hands. It's not because he outlived his coworkers and R/GA had no choice, and it's not because Chapin got all Hunger Games at the office one long Winter's day. He just knows how to write things we wish we could say.

We discuss: 

  • Moving from journalism into advertising
  • Why on Earth R/GA would trust Chapin with its Tweets
  • How Chapin thinks about writing
  • What gets in the way of brands doing Chapin to themselves (I call this "Chapining" - feel free to use it, especially if you work with Chapin)

May you enjoy his voice in your ear holes the way R/GA enjoys its voice in his hands.

Listen to this episode here:

You can find Chapin here @chapinc and R/GA's Tweets here @RGA

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