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Live Strategy Sessions

Hi there. We have 8 events happening in May 2021. These are free and open to everybody.

If an event is only for people taking Sweathead strategy classes and programs, it will not appear here.

**We had a little issue with Calendly when we emailed everyone. To be clear, this is when the sessions will happen:

i. Workouts-One-hour discussions and exercises
• Wednesday, April 28, 10pm NYC (EST)
• Thursday, May 6, 12.30pm NYC (EST)
• Wednesday, May 12, 10pm NYC (EST)
• Thursday, May 20, 12.30pm NYC (EST)

ii. Confidence-Want to talk about it? (based on this Instagram post)
• Sunday, May 2, 3pm NYC (EST)
• Wednesday, May 19, 10pm NYC (EST)

iii. Strategy Planning Sesh–Setting up your own strategy business?
• Wednesday, May 26, 10pm-12pm NYC (EST)
• Sunday, May 23, 3pm-5pm NYC (EST)

We'll run through the questions in this Instagram post about establishing a business post-employee life.

iv. ADD/ADHD Group Discussion
• Thursday, May 13, 1pm NYC (EST)


  • These sessions update every month. Some are added, some removed.
  • You don't need to worry about what level you're at, whether you're a strategist, whether people will judge you–there are no trespassers.
  • If you sign up but can't make it at the last minute, it's okay.
  • Nobody's judging and you don't need to tell anyone.
  • You can invite friends to these events.
  • These events don't involve a big, formal presentation.
  • We create the sessions from the needs of attendees or with a theme in mind but they focus on getting attendees to write, think, and talk.
  • If you have thoughts about topics or feedback, you can DM Mark Pollard.

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