Early Bird Tickets for The Sweathead Do-Together Available until June 30th

The Sweathead Do-Together FAQs

Any other questions?

Email us at dotogether@sweathead.com

What is Sweathead?

Sweathead is an online community of 16,000 people, a podcast with over 300 episodes, and a learning platform with 100 classes for people looking to learn strategy. We exist to help people who spend a lot of time in their heads to build livelihoods in the real world.

Can I share my log-in credentials?

Each ticket is unique to the person.

What time zone is the conference?

Time zone of the conference will be Eastern Standard Time (New York).

What if I live in a different time zone what would the experience be like?

The Do-Together is an online live event. So even if you are in a different time zone, the experience will be the same nonetheless.

When will more details around the schedule, presentation topics, companies attending be listed?

We will update details, schedules and other information as soon as we have them.

Will the content be accessible after the event is over either through replays or on YouTube?

Content will be accessible via sweathead.com

Can I pay in installments?

Installments for US based customers will be available soon.

What ticket type is for me?

There are two types of tickets - regular and masterclass.

Is there a digital pass?

Not at this time. The Do-Together is specifically designed to create learn + train experience which a digital pass would not be able to provide.

Do you have any discounts?

We are providing discounts to students at accredited educational institutions. If you are a student, email us at dotogether@sweathead.com from your student email with the name of your school and your student ID. We are not offering discounts to companies but companies who buy bulk will give your logo a shoutout.

Can I buy tickets in bulk?

Yes. You can add as many tickets as need to your cart and check out normally. Email us at dotogether@sweathead.com if you need help and we'll help you through it.

I need an invoice before purchase for my company.

We can do that. Send in an request via email to dotogether@sweathead.com

Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Yes you can if you bought it and not your company. Go to the Ticket Details link you received in your email and follow the instructions on that page.

Can I get a refund if I'm not able to attend?

Take a look at our Refund Terms & Conditions.

I was able to check out but I didn't receive an email about my ticket.

Emails can take anywhere between 30 seconds and 5 minutes to send. Make sure to check your junk or spam folders. We know we're not junk, but Gmail may not. Still can't find it? Email us at dotogether@sweathead.com

Interested in sponsoring the event?

We'll support companies who support strategists. If you buy tickets in bulk, we'll give your logo a shoutout.

Can I speak or propose a speaker?

We're not taking applications for speakers. The speakers are going to be from the Sweathead Community and Podcast.

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